Make an allegation

The Ethics and Conduct Office, available for Vale’s internal and external stakeholders, is a proactive, transparent, independent and impartial communications tool for reporting violations or suspected violations of any of the points described in our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

These may include possible accounting irregularities or improprieties or any other issues related to accounting, auditing, internal controls, standards, policies, ethics, human rights or the environment. The Ethics and Conduct Office may also be used when Vale’s more everyday mechanisms for resolving problems, such as call centres, do not provide an adequate solution to a problem that has already been reported.

If you have any specific question about the Code of Ethics and Conduct or the Ethics and Conduct Office, please consult our FAQ. If you want to submit a new question or to talk about any other subject, use our contact channel – Talk to Us.

If you identify or suspect the existence of an irregularity, you should report this fact to Vale’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. There are five ways of submitting an allegation:

  • Electronic form

    Click here to access the platform.

  • Email

  • Letter

    Send your letter to “Vale S.A. – PO Box 521 CEP: 06320-971 – Brazil”

  • Phone

    Calls are toll-free and there is a specific number for each country.
    Brazil: 0800 821 5000 | (21) 3814-5000 | 821 5000 (internal phone) Canada: 1-844-450-5001 Peru: 0800 51080
    Mozambique: Vodacom (cell phone): 84 5000 / Mcel (cell phone): 82 5000 /TMD (landline): 800-005-000 Other countries: Call collect to +55 (21) 3814-5000

  • In person

    Call +55 (21) 3485-3400 and schedule a visit to the Ethics and Conduct Office.

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Anyone, whether or not connected with Vale, who feels negatively affected by Vale due to a violation of the Code of Ethics or our values, or who has a problem that has not been resolved through the company’s everyday channels, may use the Ethics and Conduct Office.

We are counting on the collaboration of Vale employees, contractors and communities, both in the ethical performance of their functions and in the reporting in good faith of suspected cases of violations of our standards of ethics and conduct.

When making an allegation using the electronic form, by phone or by email, you will receive a protocol number that you may subsequently use to submit additional information or verify the investigation’s progress and results.

Access the Ethics and Conduct Office’s online platform, insert the protocol number, and check your allegation’s status.

Follow up on an allegation

  • Allegations may be made in the official language of the complainant’s country of origin, and should whenever possible feature enough details to enable the reported facts to be investigated.

  • Whether or not complainants identity themselves, their anonymity is always guaranteed.

  • Anonymous allegations will be investigated provided that they feature enough data and information to enable a proper investigation and that they are permitted by the country’s legislation.

  • In the case of Vale employees in Canada, allegations about possible irregularities or improprieties related to the workplace and employees should be reported directly to local management. Such as the following:

    – Workplace health and safety issues that endanger people’s lives;
    – Violence, bullying, threats or harassment at work;
    – Sexual harassment involving employees;
    – Issues related to the workplace, such as discipline, promotions, job recommendations, and shifts;
    – Allegations related to the company’ local environmental obligations.

  • In all cases, confidentiality, independence, impartiality and immunity are guaranteed in the treatment, investigation and filing of information received. The rights of complainants and the people cited are also guaranteed, and any kind of retaliation against those who use the Ethics and Conduct Office in good faith is forbidden, regardless of the results of investigations. This tool should be used in a conscientious manner to maintain the credibility of the process.