We believe in zero harm – to our people, our workplaces, the communities in which we operate, and the natural environment.

Vale maintains a robust and multi-faceted emergency response program. Although unlikely, an emergency is a situation or a set of circumstances which, if not promptly eliminated, controlled, or contained, could result in harm to people, property, or the environment. Emergency plans and procedures are developed, in consultation with regulators, to safeguard our employees and the community from hazards dangerous to their safety and health.

Vale tests its emergency warning system first Monday of each month 1pm to enhance system maintenance requirements. If you hear this alarm (add in audio link here) on those days at 1pm, please remember it is simply a regular test of our emergency system.

Once a year, Vale’s Clydach Refinery tests the onsite and public warning mechanisms. The public sirens are always tested on the first Wednesday in September at 2:30 pm, and residents who live within an 800-metre radius of our operations are notified by a letter in August. We believe that informing the public about emergency plans and response instructions is essential. To hear the siren alarm, click here (add in an audio of the siren).

Major Emergency Safety Instructions

Warning of Danger – A siren (a rising and falling wailing sound) for one minute and 30 seconds. The siren is tested once per year at 2:30 pm on the first Wednesday in September

Go to a safe place – Take shelter indoors! Do not remain outside.

Make the area safer – Close all doors & windows, go upstairs if possible, face away from the window and turn off air intakes. Turn off ventilation & gas appliances—including pilot lights.

Further Information – Stay alert for instructions from the police & listen to the local radio. Do not phone the Refinery; keep lines clear for emergency use.

For the community’s safety, drones should never be flown over the Refinery and the public should respect site perimeter fencing; this includes access to the river for fishing.

Accountable to our communities

Vale’s core value is ‘Life Matters Most’, so we have rigorous policies and procedures in place to minimize risks and protect lives. Read more about our global workplace health and safety initiatives in our Annual Sustainability Report, and the measures we take to take care of our people and prevent harm.