The Clydach Refinery, also affectionally known locally as ‘The Mond’, was founded by Ludwig Mond at the turn of the 20th century. Production started in 1902 and the Refinery has been operating successfully since then.

The Clydach operation refines nickel oxide from our mines in Canada and Indonesia into high purity nickel products in different forms, including powder and pellets. The Refinery produces approximately 40,000 metric tonnes of nickel products per year and supplies more than 280 clients located in over 30 countries. Nickel is used in stainless steel, a wide variety of nickel alloys and the electroplating industry.

The Refinery lies in the heart of the village of Clydach, Wales and was one of the largest employers in the Swansea Valley for many years. In 1910, more than 40% of the village’s population worked in the Refinery. Today, with improvements in processing and rationalisation of products, the Refinery employs just over 200 people.

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