Ethics and Conduct Office

Image Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our corporate “Do what is right” value stimulates us to act with responsibility, honesty, trust, respect and loyalty.

The fundamental principles that guide the action of Vale and its subsidiaries in this area are to be found in our Code of Ethics and Conduct. These principles must be followed by everyone who acts on behalf of the company: the Executive Board and employees, interns, contractors and partners.

Reporting to the chairman of Vale’s Board of Directors, the Ethics and Conduct Office acts in accordance college papers online with our Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as good corporate governance principles and applicable legislations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Sarbox). The department’s value proposition is as follows:

To promote continuous improvement in ethical awareness at Vale and guarantee for internal and external stakeholders a proactive, transparent, independent and impartial communications channel to handle allegations and complaints.

Make an allegation

For the Ethics and Conduct Office Channel, anyone who feels affected by Vale due to a violation of the Code of Ethics, our values or did had problems resolved through our company’s service channels, can make an allegation. Click here to find out more.

Ask a Question

If you have any specific question about the Code of Ethics and Conduct or the Ethics and Conduct Office, please consult our FAQ. If you want to submit a new question or to talk about any other subject, use our contact channel – Talk to Us.

Follow up on Allegations

When making an allegation using the electronic form, by phone or by email, you will receive a protocol number that you may subsequently use to submit additional information or verify the investigation’s progress and results. Click here to find out more.