Our Community

Our Environment

At Vale, we are committed to environmental sustainability. To continuously improve environmental performance while meeting our business objectives, the Clydach Refinery operates to the internationally recognised, best-in-class standard ISO 14001. Read more about our environmental initiatives here.

Our Health and Safety

With every business decision we make, we first consider our value of “Life Matters Most.” It’s about using our safety protocols, tools, and procedures so that we manage risk in our workplace to a level that ensures we all go home safely at the end of every shift.

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment (OHSA) is an international standard that provides a framework to identify, control and decrease risks associated with health and safety in the workplace. Since 2004, the Clydach Refinery has successfully met the requirements of the OHSA 1800 standard, and we are working towards the newest iteration: ISO 45001.

Read more about our ongoing health and safety initiatives here .

How can we help? Apply for funding

Vale welcomes the opportunity to help support a variety of local projects. You can click here to learn about our community investment criteria to see if your project may be eligible for support.

To apply for funding, please download the request form and return to Shauna.Morgan@vale.com.