Can you imagine working for a solid, successful company with a strong global presence? Why not develop your potential with a challenging, dynamic job? Have you thought about being part of a company that cares about the environment and promotes development in the communities in which it operates?

Vale provides employees with career opportunities and professional development. Find out how working for our company could contribute to your career success:

Industry Leader

Being one of the global leaders in the mining sector, Vale drives the pace of global industry. We have increased our market value more than tenfold in the last 14 years with ambition and long-term planning. This is all thanks to the dedication of our employees and investments in research and development. Working here provides the opportunity not only to formulate great projects, but also to develop great professionals


We offer a dynamic, challenging work environment. We believe that in this way we stimulate development among our employees. We at Vale are not afraid of exploring uncharted territory – seeing the unknown as an opportunity for learning and improvement.


Positive impact

With investments in technology and concern for the environment, we believe that mining brings prosperity and sustainable development. Vale as a mining company has a recognized record in carbon emissions per unit of revenue. In addition to our environmental endeavours, we are dedicated to long-term development among communities, promoting education, culture and well-being in our areas of operation.

to life

With life as a priority commitment, Vale invests heavily in health and safety. Over the last 5 years, more than US$100 million has been invested in projects to minimize workplace accident risks. On a daily basis we encourage awareness-raising, reflection and valuing life, promoting a health and safety culture at the company.

and benefits

Our philosophy of performance-based remuneration enables our employees to develop, regardless of their time at the company. We also provide a competitive benefits package which enables a good work-life balance for our employees and their families.